Haskell Monoids

class Monoid a where  mempty :: a
mappend :: a -> a -> a
mconcat :: [a] -> a
mconcat = foldr mappend mempty
instance Monoid [a] where
mempty = []
mappend = (++)
instance Monoid Ordering where
mempty = EQ
mappend LT _ = LT
mappend GT _ = GT
mappend EQ x = x
instance Monoid a => Monoid (Maybe a) where
mempty = Nothing
mappend Nothing m = m
mappend m Nothing = m
mappend (Just m1) (Just m2) = Just (mappend m1 m2)
ghci> mappend (Just "mom")  (Just "dad" )
Just "momdad"




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Priyanka Mondal

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