Haskell IO Monad

Side effects and purity

So, what’s really at issue here is the presence or absence of side effects. By “side effect” we mean anything that causes evaluation of an expression to interact with something outside itself. The root issue is that such outside interactions are time-sensitive. For example:

  • Modifying a global variable — it matters when this happens since it may affect the evaluation of other expressions
  • Printing to the screen — it matters when this happens since it may need to be in a certain order with respect to other writes to the screen
  • Reading from a file or the network — it matters when this happens since the contents of the file can affect the outcome of the expression

As we have seen, lazy evaluation makes it hard to reason about when things will be evaluated; hence including side effects in a lazy language would be extremely unintuitive. Historically, this is the reason Haskell is pure: initially, the designers of Haskell wanted to make a lazy functional language, and quickly realized it would be impossible unless it also disallowed side effects.

But… a language with no side effects would not be very useful. The only thing you could do with such a language would be to load up your programs in an interpreter and evaluate expressions. (Hmm… that sounds familiar…) You would not be able to get any input from the user, or print anything to the screen, or read from a file. The challenge facing the Haskell designers was to come up with a way to allow such effects in a principled, restricted way that did not interfere with the essential purity of the language. They finally did come up with something (namely, the IO monad) which we'll talk about in a few weeks.




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Priyanka Mondal

Priyanka Mondal

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